FAILURE TO LAUNCH: Dealing with adult children – FWS032

Coach Kim recently encountered a situation that is no longer considered uncommon:

Adult children who are dependent on their parents.

Movies have been made about a grown-up’s “Failure To Launch” and Thomas Stanley wrote about “Economic Outpatient Care” in The Millionaire Next Door.

It’s a problem that rarely exists in other cultures, yet seems to be growing in the United States.

financial wellness dealing with adult children

In this conversation Coach Kim shares:

  • The parents level of frustration with the dependency of their adult children
  • Some of the conversation pieces in a coaching session where both parents and adult children are present
  • Are the adult children perceptive to the realization that they are dependent upon their parents
  • Whose fault is it: The children’s or the parent’s
  • Are adult children willing to change
  • Tips to empower parents to put boundaries in the relationship
  • His tip to help parents say “no” to their adult children without being the bad guy
  • Are there situations where the parents can still help their adult children

We also discuss ways to train up our young children before they leave the safety of the home.

Your CTA this week is to spend time with your children, if they are still living with you, and talk about how it feels to be independent, to be self-sufficient, and to be able to take care of other people “wink wink”

Take your kids to the park, to Dave and Busters, or the football game (whatever you find age appropriate).

Look for opportunities to show them how you use money, where that money came from, and what they can look forward to when they are on their own.


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