Going Back To School As An Adult – FWS021

More and more adults are going back to school. It’s a rising trend among professionals and those looking to expand their career field.

Our very own Coach Julia is no stranger to going back to school as an adult. She shares her experience and wisdom on the subject.

Going back to school as an adult

Take-aways from this episode:

Coach Julia remembers wanting to quit many times.  The reward of finishing and possible opportunities are what keeps her going.

Don’t worry about being the oldest person in the class. You may be sitting next to the future CEO of a company that may hire you. They may have connections through networks or knowledge of career opportunities.

The most important thing is to know your “why” and – maybe more importantly – to finish.

Practical things to do before going back:

  • Get the family’s buy-in – their support is extremely important
  • Decide on the type of education (degree, certification, completion)
  • Consider the options for learning on-campus, online, or at a trade school
  • Is it a semester course? 5-week class? Nights or weekend classes?

There are differences between learning style and learning environment. Location doesn’t matter as much. The most important thing is to finish.

And finally:

Be prepared to spend more than the initial cost for indirect fees

Be prepared for things to interrupt your studies

Be prepared for live events to get in the way of your schedule


Coach Julia (LI original)

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