How Our Parents Shaped Our Money Behavior – FWS015

Coach Greg has found a correlation between what we observed as a child and how that translates to our behavior as an adult.


Just because mom or dad handled money one way or another doesn’t make what you are doing right or wrong, but it does shape the behavior you tend to lean towards.


One of the first questions Greg asks of his clients is “What did you observe about how your parents handled money”?


Understanding a spouse’s upbringing can help us relate in a deeper, more meaningful fashion.


Here are some of the observations from Coach Greg:

Experience as Kid: I was always told “no” growing up.

Thought Process as Adult: I had nothing, and I’m not putting my kids through that.

How the Adult Handles Money: Debt, impulse spending, their kids don’t understand that money is finite.


Experience as Kid: I pretty much got anything I wanted growing up.

Thought Process as Adult: I am used to having anything I want, so I will continue that thought process and fund it anyway I can.

How the Adult Handles Money: High income earner living paycheck to paycheck, debt, impulse spending, no retirement, bankruptcy, not much giving


Experience as Kid: One parent yelled at another about spending.

Thought Process as Adult: Spending money causes conflict. Money is bad.

How the Adult Handles Money: Extreme saver, the thought of spending money causes guilt and pain, hoarding mentality, not a giver


Financial Coach Greg Pare

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