I was drowning in debt but paid off 3 Payday Loans – FWS027

Kisha called us for help. We found the perfect coach for her, Coach Parkey, and she says without his help she would be a wreck right now.

“I was drowning in debt for a very long time”

“I wasn’t good at money management but wanted to get better”

Kisha is now caught up on all her bills and working her plan.

“I’m so grateful. I’ve paid off three payday loans”

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She didn’t understand budgeting but now plans every dollar that will be spent. Kisha also built an emergency fund, which came in handy when her car broke down.

“No matter what is happening with my car, I feel no weight on my shoulders whatsoever because I have the money to take care of it.”

“Truthfully, I feel more comfortable having someone keep me accountable for my actions than having to check myself.”

Kisha wants to eventually own rental real estate. She placed pictures of rental real estate properties Dream Board. Now that she has been working with Coach Parkey, her dream suddenly seems more like a reality.

What is on your Dream Board?  Post it in the comments below so we can all dream together!

About The Author

Steve Stewart

Coach Steve has been helping everyday Americans pay attention, not interest, since 2007 after he and his wife paid off $15k in consumer debt and, using the principles he teaches, they paid off their house in 2015. You will find him using his passion and messaging gifts to create financial education content through speaking, blogging and coaching all over the United States. You can reach him by completing a contact form at http://FinancialWellnessShow.com/contact