Make Money, Live Wealthy with Austin Netzley – FWS008

Austin HeadshotMindset is important to the wellness of our money.

Austin Netzley joins us to share what he learned by interviewing more than 70 experts in the financial industry – and he wrote a book around it. Make Money, Live Wealthy became a 27 times International best selling book.

In this interview, Austin tells us how he paid off $81,000 in 3 years ($72,000 was student loans!) and the mindset that helped him get there.

He also talks about:

  • Learning what true wealth is
  • Motivation
  • Simplifying the wealth process
  • Identifying what is holding us back
  • Creating an Unstoppable Mindset
  • and building a strong foundation


Austin also tells us about the single most important thing he did to improve his financial situation: Join an online mastermind group.

There are so many people that are like-minded and want to do the same things you want to do – if you can link arms with those people it will change everything. Attempting to do great things will cause you to fail a lot – you need that community around you to support you through these times. Your network is your net worth – a mastermind is a great way to have accountability and the support you need to make or to do great things. – Austin Netzley

You can find Austin’s book in both Kindle and paperback via Amazon

Austin Netzley book cover Make Money Live Wealthy


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About The Author

Steve Stewart

Coach Steve has been helping everyday Americans pay attention, not interest, since 2007 after he and his wife paid off $15k in consumer debt and, using the principles he teaches, they paid off their house in 2015. You will find him using his passion and messaging gifts to create financial education content through speaking, blogging and coaching all over the United States. You can reach him by completing a contact form at