Summer Income Ideas for Teachers – FWS018

FWS018 ARTWORKCoach Julia, one of our Financial Wellness Coaches from Coach Connections, has been in the education industry for many years.

Public school teachers are often paid twelve months out of the year by stretching out the paychecks. For example: You would get less during the working months but will receive pay during summer break.

Others will be paid only for those weeks or months they actively teach. This can wreak havoc on a household budget.

How can you be prepared?

Coach Julia gives us these valuable takeaways:

  • Be aware of the expenses you won’t have during non-working months
  • Create a robust savings plan during the working months to cover non-working months
  • Ask to have your paychecks stretched out to a 12 month schedule
  • Get a part-time job with amusement parks or offer private tutoring
  • Sell lesson plans for $5

UPDATE: Read the story of a kindergarten teacher who made a million dollars selling her lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers


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