Teach Children To Save with Tom Corley – FWS013

April is Financial Literacy Month in the United States and April 24th has been dubbed “Teach Children To Save Day” by the American Bankers Association. We thought it would be fun to get in on the celebration and bring on Tom Corley.

Tom Corley Rich Kids Habits interviewTom Corley studied the habits of 233 self-made millionaires and 128 not-so-rich people. From those results he was able to provide a thorough list that Tom believes will help anyone become successful and financially secure.

Tom has written two books: Rich Habits and Rich Kids. Both are full of great information and can be found at his website, RichHabits.net

Interview with Tom Corley:

• What habits to we exhibit that our children pick up on that teaches them about saving money?
• How are we supposed to teach our children to save?
• At what age should kids begin working for others?
• How do we teach our kids to create realistic goals?
• Is it important to help our kids save for worth-while goals and keep them from buying things we know are going to break in a few hours?

Other fun stuff:

Books: Rich Habits and Rich Kids

Rich People Floss and 20 Other Unusual Things

Free resources by Tom Corley


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