When and Where to Find Scholarships

When to start looking for scholarships interview Christine Oodle

Did you know that billions of scholarship money goes unfunded? It’s not because people don’t qualify but because people don’t apply.

Coach Christine shares her years of experience helping frantic parents find ways to pay for their teen’s college.


•    Scholarships are *kinda* free money, but you do have to work for it
•    Scholarships are cheaper then student loans
•    Fill out the FAFSA form by February of their Senior year
•    Take the SAT / ACT as often as possible. Your highest score will be used
•    Take advantage of work study programs
•    Create a team to help find scholarships



Apply for scholarships before starting college – as early as 9th grade.

Search for scholarships all the way through college. Coach Christine recommends looking for at least 3-5 scholarships a month.

Create a team around you to help find scholarships.

Walk into the bursar’s office or even ask the head of specific departments for one-off scholarships.


Write great scholarship essays

  • Keep your essays upbeat
  • Throw humor in there when possible
  • Use good penmanship if presenting written applications
  • It needs to be well written, no typos
  • Have someone review for grammar errors


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when and where to find college scholarships

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